Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tobey Maguire

Date of Birth 27 June 1975, Santa Monica, California, USA
Tobey Maguire's parents were 18 and 20 - and unwed - when he was born. His father, Vincent Maguire, was a cook and sometime construction worker. His mother, Wendy Brown, was a secretary and aspiring screenwriter. They split two years after his birth. This resulted in moving constantly as a youth, spending time in California, Oregon, and Washington. He quit school in the ninth grade and pursued acting roles. He did several commercials and bit roles on various TV shows before landing a starring role on the Fox comedy "Great Scott!" (1992). That role lasted nine weeks before the show was canceled. Although avoiding drugs and alcohol, he still is known for running with the party set, including Leonardo DiCaprio's group. Tobey is a vegetarian and studies yoga.

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Spiderman born

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Spiders are predatory invertebrate animals that have two body segments, eight legs, no chewing mouth parts and no wings. They are classified in the order Araneae, one of several orders within the larger class of arachnids, a group which also contains scorpions, whip scorpions, mites, ticks, and opiliones (harvestmen). The study of spiders is known as arachnology.
All spiders produce silk, a thin, strong protein strand extruded by the spider from spinnerets most commonly found on the end of the abdomen. Many species use it to trap insects in webs, although there alre many species that hunt freely. Silk can be used to aid in climbing, form smooth walls for burrows, build egg sacs, wrap prey, and temporarily hold sperm, among other applications.
All spiders except those in the families Uloboridae and Holarchaeidae, and in the suborder Mesothelae (together about 350 species) can inject venom to protect themselves or to kill and liquefy prey. Only about 200 species, however, have bites that can pose health problems to humans.[1] Many larger species' bites may be painful, but will not produce lasting health concerns.
Spiders are found all over the world, from the tropics to the Arctic, living underwater in silken domes they supply with air, and on the tops of mountains. In 1973 Skylab 3 took 2 spiders into space to test their web-spinning capability in zero-gravity.
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